Lovely and Easy DIY Craft Ideas with Free Tutorials

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As we know that craft is a relaxing and entertaining art that anyone can do in their leisure time. Crafts are of different kinds like DIY papercraft, mason jar craft, DIY pop up card craft and so on. As a crafter I have created so many crafts that belongs to different categories and types and you will see all of these DIY craft ideas one by one every day in my all posts. Here you will also get some lovely and easy DIY craft ideas with free tutorials in my every post daily.

Here I have come with DIY Pop up card craft that you have learned my previous posts but this pop-up card craft is not similar to the previous card DIY Craft Ideas and here you will learn new and unique DIY pop up cards ideas in a very different way. So just explore all DIY craft ideas now and learn how to make it with the free video tutorial.

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Diy Father Day Fancy Cards Idea

A father is a daughter’s first hero whom she loves a lot in her life. Everybody appreciates their mother all the time but no one gives credit to her father anytime. So that’s why this time I thought to give a credit to our father on father’s day by this DIY craft pop up card idea. This is very easy to create with few supplies of paper sheets. Right up anything on this card and express your love with your father in a very different way.


Flower Heart Notebook Patterns

Here I will share another Easy DIY craft idea with you that is related to mother. Because it is a wonderful mother’s day card idea for mothers. Check out the below-given video tutorial to make out this easy peasy mother’s day card. I hope you will get much fun while making this amazing DIY card. It’s a fun closed card that opens with a beautiful paper flower.


Tulip Heart Cards To Make

In childhood, kids make many cute and lovely cards for everyone in a very cute way. But if we teach them these easy DIY card crafts in their childhood then they can become a great craftsman after growing up. So this is a very special tulip card craft where we have made a lovely tulip on the front area of this card. This DIY craft is a perfect craft for little kids that you can teach them in their childhood.

Source :easypeasyandfun

Folding Paper Little Butterfly Patterns

Kids love to make things with paper sheets and they want to learn more things with paper sheets. I remember those days when I was a kid and make different things with paper sheets like boats, flowers and so many other things. So it is another DIY craft for my little kids who are fond of papercraft like me. This is a very easy and quite simple butterfly craft that you can easily make by engaging your kids.


Butterflies Valentine Card Ideas

Are you finding a lovely and attractive card for your Valentine in the market but could not find an eye-catchy card in the market? So don’t worry here we have found a very easy and lovely DIY valentine card that you would really like and want to learn the pattern now. This is a relaxing DIY card craft that you can make in just 1 hour. This is not for kids because its a quite difficult craft for kids but an adult can make it very easily.


Heart Pop Up Card Free  Tutorial

Isn’t it a cute and amazing DIY craft idea? If it looks cute and amazing you too then you would really want to know the way to make this adorable pop-up card for you. You can paste your family’s pictures on this card and give your family members on any event. They would be surprised to see this amazing and lovely homemade card that is made by you.


Handmade Pop-Up 3d Wedding Card

Have you ever seen this DIY pop up card craft ever? If no! So even I had not seen this card ever and when I saw this card on Etsy it looked so eye-catchy and lovely to me. So that’s why I planned to make this on my weekend and now I am sharing the pattern of this DIY pop up card pattern with you. This is a really awesome card craft that you use to give on birthday, anniversary and weddings


Fall Activity Preschool Pattern

Are you a teacher? And teaches to preschoolers in your schools? If yes! Then this DIY preschooler craft would really amaze you and you will want to learn it quickly to teach your kids. This is an amazing activity for preschoolers that they can do with fun and joy. So just learn the pattern below and know which things you require to work upon this project.


Blooming Paper Flower Pattern

Look at the given picture and see what an amazing DIY craft I have brought for you to make in your spare time. This is a very amazing and fun DIY paper flower craft that kids would do with their heart and soul. For making this DIY craft you will require few essential things like printer paper, marker and a rectangular size container. Follow the given instructions and create this very easy DIY craft with your kids.


Easy To Make Happy Pop-Up Card Idea

I am obsessed with this amazing DIY poo card craft idea that’s why I am sharing with you. Easy to make a DIY pop card is perfect for a birthday. Below you can find a step by step tutorial of this beautiful card. It is so simple and elegant Pop-up card idea for kids. Find the complete instructions below and learn how to design it with yellow paper sheets.



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