16+ Easy To Follow Free Crochet Patterns And Ideas

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In this noisy world, we all need some time to make us fresh and fully charged for a while, and at that time we frequently go towards such things that could make us fresh and lighter for a couple of hours. Are you like this too and seeking 16+ easy to follow free crochet ideas and patterns to make in your spare time? Then just get ready to freely trying these amazing crochet ideas and projects with free video tutorials.

Honestly speaking, crocheting ideas and patterns are always making a reason to getting joy and relaxation for those who adopt it as a hobby or a profession. Crocheting is popular and trendy since ancient ages for those women who hadn’t had something to do in their spare time. In this article, we have focused to share such crochet patterns that are beginner-friendly and can be used in your home.

Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

Nothing can be much adorable and lovely than to knit this crochet blanket for newborn babies. A newborn baby brings joy and happiness with him/her, so it’s our right to make something adorable to him in return. This Crochet Patterns baby blanket looks cool in design and color for a newborn baby and as well warm to use in a winter season for him.

Easy Crochet Hexagonal Pattern

You will love this crochet hexagon sweater while wearing it in the winter season. This crochet sweater comes with a lightweight texture, large pockets, and as well with bishop sleeves. As it is made in a loose size, but it doesn’t mean you can’t shape it as per your choice. Shape it as you like and think to make.

Stylish Crochet Bobble Stitch Cardigan

This cozy crochet bobble cardigan is designed by using a simple bobble rectangle stitch. But before starting this crochet pattern just make sure you know how to crochet a simple cardigan. Although it showcases a hard pattern in the image it is a great pattern for advanced crocheters.

Crochet Boho Fringe Bag Pattern

Just like a crochet fringe top, you can also knit a crochet fringe bag too. For making this crochet bag you will need to make a large fine circle. It can be designed with large side pockets for getting extra space. Moreover, this crochet festive bag pattern is easy to assemble with step by step instructions from given tutorials.

Two-Tone Crochet Cardigan

There is something magical in the design of this crochet cardigan that will force you to make it for your own. All you need to do is to find two different kinds of crochet yarns and a hook to create it. Its pattern is described in a simple and clear manner for all type of crocheters.

Classic Granny Square Cardigan Pattern

This classy crochet cardigan reminds us about the patterns and stitches of crochet granny square. One who is fond of adding crochet granny squares in her every crochet items, it can be a favorite project for them. I hope you will find it a unique and as well as a simple pattern ever while trying.

Mini Crochet Basket Pattern

Do you face storage problem every time in your home and wants an instant solution for managing your little but precious stuff? Then here we have a great idea to make a cute basket with leftover crochet yarns. It’s a multifunctional basket that can be specified for various things.

Crochet Holiday Basket Pattern

Do you have plenty of yarn stashes in your room and you don’t have enough space to keep them in a single place? Then don’t need to worry. Because now you will definitely learn to manage the space of your room with this easy crochet basket pattern. Add a hook with it, if you need a hanging basket for you.

How To Make Mini Crochet Basket

This cute mini basket can be a cutest basket and centerpiece in your room. Make this crochet basket for storing little items and use it many years to come. It’s a fun crochet item that adds color statements in your desk.

Stunning Summer Top Pattern

How adorable this crochet top is!
Although it gives an instant look of crochet vest and cardigan sometimes it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in the winter season. It’s a great crochet pattern for those who are so practical in their crocheting. Check the pattern below.

Dazzling Crochet Sweater Pattern

There are so many ideas of crocheting a sweater come in your mind but I bet you will never found this idea in your mind ever. You can wear it in winter and spring days by making it with your own hands. Right below we have shared its brilliant pattern that you can follow with less effort.

Simple Breezy Top Idea

This breezy crochet top image is showing us how it is essential for us in hot summer days. You can wear them with blue jeans for causal functions and events. Moreover, its a perfect accessory for the beach and resorts too. Make this design with your favorite wool and enjoy a hot free day in summer.

Glamorous Fringe Bag Pattern

Summer is here and its a great time to spend some hours to knit this crochet fringe bag for your own. After the addition of leather Strap with it, no one can believe that it is made by you. Get the pattern and create your own handmade bag easily in just a few hours.

Black And White Fringe Bag

This vibrant crochet bag is designed in two-tone color scheme. The theme of this crochet bag is made in black and white contrast. The construction of this crochet bag is as easy as the previous one. Make it out for summer parties and hangouts and get tons of appreciation with your friends and family.

Crochet Wall Hanging Tutorial

Crochet wall hanging becomes more useful and helpful when it has a facility for storing many items. You can hang it anywhere in your room and store your biggest to smaller items well. Its pattern is certainly easy to follow for beginners and experienced crocheters.

Fancy Pom Pom Pouch Free Tutorial

As you know that crochet pouches are always trendy in fashion so this is what we thought to share this fancy crochet pouch pattern for you. It’s a mini and lightweight crochet pouch that you can carry summer parties and events easily. Make it more colorful by adding some pom along with it.

Crochet Wrist Wallet Free Tutorial

While going outside its really hard to hold mobile phones and other items when we don’t have a handbag or clutch to hold it. But when you have a crochet wrist wallet then who can stop you to go outside with a lot of mini items. It provides a quick and useful storage option for coins, cash, and mobile phone too.

Super Easy Pyramid Coin Purse

If you are a crocheter and have tried various crochet bag patterns in your crocheting journey then try this is one too that you will never have tried once in a life. The stitch that you need to learn for this is a basket stitch and that’s it. For more info watch the pattern below.

Beautiful Wall Hanging Idea With Tutorial

Crochet Boho wall hanging is the best option when there is a lack of space in your room. They are fit for many items such as flowers, books, iPad, and even smartphones too. Whether you make it in a single color or a double color it would always define a stunning statement in your wall.

Diy Crochet Hammock Pattern

Having a decorative room without a hammock sounds weird. This hammock can save a lot of space by adjusting everything in it. Store toys, tissue rolls, or whatever you want inside this cute and mini hammock. Try out with your available crochet yarns and store as much you can.

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