21 Free Crochet Patterns To Make Winter and Fall Accessories

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Crocheting is such an amazing art that starts from hooks to yarns. Even it becomes more beneficial and amusing when it comes to winter and fall. In winter season there is a long list of accessories that we need to wear for it such as crochet leg warmers, crochet top-down sweaters, crochet beanie hats, and much more. So don’t you think if you are good crocheter then how much money you can save not only in fall but also in winter too. In this article, we have intended to share such 21 free crochet patterns to make winter and fall accessories that you can easily knit with any type of skeins of yarns. Luckily we have added free video tutorials for each crochet ideas and patterns that make them more interesting and fun to do.

Moreover, while starting each crochet pattern and ideas you may feel a bit difficult but it doesn’t mean you can complete it with a happy ending. Furthermore, as a beginner, it may be possible while trying these crochet projects you couldn’t complete them in a first turn but at that moment don’t lose your confidence and try them with great enthusiasm. So let’s discover these free crochet ideas and patterns that can fill our winter and fall with joy and coziness.

Latest Crochet Top Down Cardigan

In the winter season, you don’t need to have a million accessories when you have this type of cardigan in your wardrobe. You can wear this cardigan for everyday use and spend winter free nights and days in winter. It seems a bit similar to the design of a leather jacket but the reality is totally different.

Via: Youtube

Slouchy Crochet Leg Warmer Pattern

In winter we cover up from top to bottom with different things but one thing that we forget to wear is a crochet leg warmer. Crochet leg warmer is little but a useful accessory for those who feel much coldness in their legs in winter. Even they act like socks while wearing. So why don’t you pick up this pattern to create your own leg warmer

How To Crochet Summer Sweater

There is no much struggle needed to try out this triple tone crochet sweater. From inner to outer, it is full of easy and simple stitches. Even you can turn this crochet sweater in a cardigan too. This crochet sweater shines just like a star in every season. It’s a pretty winter accessory for every casual and formal event. Get the pattern just right here.

Via: Youtube

Stylish Crochet Top + Sweater Pattern

Here is one more interesting crochet top pattern is out here with step by step instructions and tutorials. A great accessory that can be worn in various ways and techniques. As it is short in size so you can work upon it much quicker than you imagine.

Via: Youtube

Attractive Crochet Top Down Sweater

Here one more stunning Crochet top-down sweater pattern is being shared for you to learn freely.  This sweater design just satisfies your needs and requirements that you need for wearing in casual events and parties. So just be confident and try this stunning outfit with full of passion and spirit.

Via: Youtube

Easy To Stitch Crochet Top Down Pattern

This pattern just offers you a great artwork in the shape of this black crochet top. After trying this pattern you will realize that how much fun you had with this easy and quick crochet project. You can show off this top in your friend’s gathering with a lot of pride and happiness.

Via: youtube

Lightweight Crochet Top Idea

This double shaded crochet top includes a lot of texture and consistency. Its patterns are fast, simple, and adorable to follow. This can be a perfect outfit in the spring and winter seasons. By adding buttons closures in between you can feel more comfortable and cozy in chilly days and nights. To follow the pattern just watch the tutorial that is given below.

Via: Youtube

Elegant Crochet Mermaid Swim Suit

I gonna crazy to see this mermaid outfit. It’s the best cover-up for those women who are fond of swimming at a sea or beach. It is made with a delicate but simple pattern. To know the real worth of this crochet outfit you will have to dive into its lengthy pattern.

Via: Youtube

Bulky Crochet Sweater Idea

Stitch out this super bulky crochet sweater for all fall and winter season. It has a simple but pretty design that gives extra depth to anybody. If you want to know how to make it by mixing up two or more yarns then you must watch the complete video tutorial.

Crochet Off Shoulder Sweater

This crochet off shoulder sweater just dedicates to that girl who is a fashion enthusiast. No matter if you wear it in a day or a night, you will always be cool and calm with this outfit. Its pattern shows how easy and simple is to make by combining various crochet skeins.

Via: Youtube

Fascinating Crochet Leg Warmer Pattern

Having less time to crocheting but even then willing to do it? Then don’t panic! Just simply follow this easy and time killer crochet leg warmer pattern that takes less time but satisfies your willingness in a great manner. Get all instructions about it from the below-given tutorial.

Via: Youtube

Classic Ballet Wrap For Girls

This gorgeous top is a perfect and lightweight layering for winter and spring season both. A great thing about this lightweight top is that it is easy to wear for various purposes. You can wear it in a number of places like office, college and even at parties too.

Via: Youtube

Easy To Stitch Tank Top Pattern

Its obvious thing that kids also deserve comfy and cozy crochet outfits in winter. So how it can be possible that we don’t add anything for them too. This crochet top fits for a 4-5-year-old girl but you can design in adult version too to get some design and texture.

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Crochet Lacy Cardigan For kids

This crochet baby dress is the cutest one for little cuties. As you know that crocheting a baby dress is much easier and quicker than adult ones so this is what we are presenting an easy pattern for a beginner and advance crocheters both. Its size fits on any age of kids by adding some changes in the pattern.

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Fancy Plarn Top Free Pattern

This crochet plan top needs some basic and advanced stitches to create. Its an easy to wear as well as easy to carry for your temperament. Moreover, it also permits you to choose any color combination according to your taste. To understand how to make it just click on the provided link.

Stunning Crochet Harlequin Leg Warmer

Via: Youtube

Lovely Woolen Baby Blanket

Via: Youtube

Interesting Rainbow Hand Bag Pattern


Crochet Colorful Pom Beanie Pattern

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Simple Crochet Stocking Hat Pattern



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