Inspiring And Exceptional Crochet Ideas And Projects

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In the situation of the Covid19 pandemic, there are a lot of people out there who have stuck at home due to lockdown and at that time they have nothing to do except waiting for a good time. I am also one of them who felt this time very deeply and but never lose my heart despite stocking at home. I involved myself in crafting such as crocheting, knitting, and so on. After trying I have realized that there is something magical in crocheting that can throw out your stress and depression while doing. I have tried a lot of inspiring and exceptional crochet ideas and projects that can be useful for daily use. Such as crochet rugs, crochet donuts, crochet bags, crochet ideas and projects, and much more.

Crocheting is such a type of art that is not only easy to customize but also healing for every type of disease. By doing crocheting you will realize that you can get rid of your stress and depression for a while and learn new things at the same time. So let’s start to see what I have learned in this pandemic situation with free crochet ideas and projects. Note: These crochet patterns are not made by me and these are the references where I have taught them.

Lovely Crochet Rug For Bedroom

Do you really wish to make your bedroom stylish yet colorful? Then this crochet rug pattern is only for you. This crochet rug can be decorated over a bed or a cupboard as per your choice. Moreover, it can also vary in shapes as well as colors too as you want. So don’t be late and follow the crochet ideas and projects pattern to make it now.

Via: Etsy

Stunning Crochet Bag

Crochet bags are always in trend no matter what’s season or occasion we have, we always need them with a versatile look and style. Similarly, this crochet bag pattern crochet ideas and projects that are not only stylish in look but also useful to use for plenty of purposes. Get an idea to make this bag just through the link.

Via: Youtube

Crochet Hanging Toilet Roll Holder

Here is a pattern of 3in1 crochet hanging toilet roll holder pattern. In this crochet hanging, you can store almost 3 large tissue rolls easily at the same time. What makes it more special is its stitches that are totally different from other crochet ideas and projects. It’s a beautiful technique to make a hanging tissue roll holder at home through crocheting.

Via: Youtube

Cute Crochet Scrunchies Pattern

Having tones of yarn straps in your yarn’s basket? But don’t know where to utilize them? Here’s an idea. A very simple and easy way to utilize crochet leftover yarns is to make crochet scrunchies or donuts. After learning these crochet ideas and projects you will make your own hair accessories at home always.

Via: Youtube

Fancy Crochet Eyelet Scarf

Do you want to learn such a crochet pattern that uses a less amount of crochet yarn? If yes! Then you can go with this free crochet eyelet scarf pattern. This crochet scarf comes with a buttonhole that helps to wear it in a good manner. You can wear it over any outfit to make your look classy and appealing.

Via: Youtube

How To Knit A Scarf Pattern

Making a crochet scarf can’t be easier than this pattern. This crochet scarf pattern requires a few stitches to design. Its pattern is available in written and visual both version for the ease of people. This crochet scarf is super soft, comfy as well as stylish to wear crochet ideas and projects.

Via: Youtube

How To Make Crochet Ear Saver

If you want to make your hijab look more exceptional then you must try out this crochet mask saver pattern. It’s a unique and amazing pattern to try for every beginner who wanted some innovative ideas and patterns in crocheting for so many times. The pattern is right below.

Via: Youtube

Easy To Make Crochet Mask Connector

This is another decent crochet mask connector pattern ever. It is based on flowers and leaves that can be made with any crochet yarn. With the same technique, you can also learn how to make flowers and leaves at the same time.

Via: Youtube

Special Crochet Mask Connector

This beautiful crochet hijab connector is an inspired creation that can surely impress anyone at a first glance. This connector can make your simple hijab much stylish and eye-catchy. It is made with various crochet yarn leftover and you can also make it crochet ideas and projects.

Via: Youtube

Fancy Facemask Connector

Learn how to make a facemask connector with the help of a free crochet pattern and tutorial. This crochet pattern works up in minutes and can provide you plenty of connectors with the same method and less time. You can give this connector to your friends who love to wear a hijab.

Via: Youtube

Super Easy Facemask Connector Tutorial

Here is another fairly easy to work up the pattern in a shape of this crochet mask connector pattern. A great part of this connector is that it is made with a button which means you can easily attach it with your hijab. Enjoy it to make it on a weekend.

Floral Hijaab Connector Tutorial

If you love to wear a necklace then you would also love to wear this connector too. It’s a mixture of cute yellow flowers and large-sized buttons. You may wear it as a necklace on your neck too with a yellow outfit. It adds a great touch with every style. Get the pattern below.

Via: Youtube

Beautiful Crochet Bracelet Pattern

Who doesn’t love to wear bracelets? Even you would love to wear too. But have you ever made it with your own hands? No! Then now you can learn how to make a bracelet at home. A simple bracelet that can be worn like a watch on your wrist.


Via: Youtube


Crochet Facemask Connector With Pearls

In this post, I am going to introduce another crochet facemask connector that has been trendy to wear nowadays with a facemask. With this connector, you can bring a unique twist in your hijab or facemask. It’s totally handmade with free crochet yarn. Use every size of beads to add more accent in it.


Via: Youtube


Elegant Floral Connector For Hijab

Do you have a lot of leftover yarns in your yarn’s basket? Then why don’t you try this simple but creative artwork with them? It’s a beautiful pattern for those who are a fan of flowers. The stitches that are used in this pattern also easy and understanding for anyone while learning.

Via: Youtube

Lightweight Facemask Connector

If you don’t like heavy facemask connector then you may opt-out this one for you. It’s a simple and lightweight facemask connector to make with your own hands. There are two colors shown of this connector in the post, but you may make it with your own mind and choice.

Via: Youtube

Curved Crochet Facemask Connector

Via: Youtube


Sunflower Mask Connector Pattern

Via: Youtube

Chunky Crochet Scarf

Via: Youtube

Superb Half Moon Rug

Handmade Half Moon Rug

Via: Instagram

Crochet Rainbow Halfmoon Rug

Via: Lovecraft

Fascinating Half Moon Rug

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